Rashmita Marechal is an Accounting Manager for BLUEFIN who works with human resources, supervisory staff, and all levels of management focused on the corporate accounting aspects of BLUEFIN. After 25 years of accounting experience, Marechal knows what it takes to process payroll, implement and monitor all closeout accounting schedules while managing the day-to-day account operations. It’s about working collaboratively with other accounting staff, effectively communicating with other departments, and problem solving without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Marechal joined the company in October 2005 as Accounts Payable Specialist. As Accounting Manager, Marechal is responsible for payroll, reviewing financials, JV accounting entry, managing day-to-day accounting operations, implementing and monitoring the month, quarter, and year-end closeout account schedules. Marechal earned her Associate’s degree in Accounting from Central Piedmont Community College. In her free time, she loves to read and volunteer at her son’s school and the local food bank.