Michael Malouff is a Client Response Manager for BLUEFIN. He serves as the primary day-to-day coordinator for leak response dispatches for BLUEFIN projects. He works directly with building owners, clients, account managers, project managers, leak response contractors, and the accounting department. Malouff is responsible for dispatching leak response contractors to leak calls for a national leak response portfolio.

Malouff joined BLUEFIN in September 2015 at its Denver office as IT Support Specialist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development from DeVry University. Before joining BLUEFIN, Malouff served as a Navy Corpsman for seven years and worked as a surgical technician for two highly recognized doctors performing micrographic surgery. In his free time, Malouff enjoys spending time with his family of five, learning new things in Boy Scouts, playing board games and video games, camping, and traveling.