Janet McCracken is the Chief Human Resources Office for Mantis Innovation Group and previously served as Manager of Brand and Human Capital for BLUEFIN. She joined the company in November 2018 at BLUEFIN’s Denver office. McCracken develops BLUEFIN’s internal brand and promise, empowers and supports employee growth, and creates the workforce growth strategy. She also supervises the marketing and sales support group which includes working with the team to prepare, validate and communicate BLUEFIN’s marketing and public relations plan, set marketing priorities, and manage the budget.

McCracken has 36 years of experience in executive training, human resources, sales and marketing, and organizational and talent development. She is specialized in the management of recruiting, employee relations, employee training, marketing and sales support, and corporate acquisitions and mergers. In her free time, McCracken enjoys oil painting, writing, speaking, coaching, equine management, camping, and non-profit work for the developmentally disabled and underprivileged.