Agustin Valdez is a Senior Survey Technician for BLUEFIN who works with clients, project managers, and field teams to ensure quality, safe, and efficient field performance. After 10 years of land surveying experience and six years of roofing experience, Valdez knows what it takes for seamless project coordination on commercial roof and building envelope projects. It’s about proficiency and accountability for all field operations activities and developing and sustaining relationships with clients to achieve complete client satisfaction.

Valdez joined BLUEFIN in January 2013 as Survey Technician and became a Field Team Leader before holding his current position. Valdez focuses on the areas of safety, set-up, data collection, survey and building envelope investigation, on-site communications, preventive maintenance, and leak repairs. Valdez ensures the field team performance is professional, safe, and financially viable. This work results in project delivery that meets or exceeds the requirements of the contract agreement between BLUEFIN and its clients. Valdez holds a Foreman certification. Outside of BLUEFIN, Valdez spends time working on his house.