Whether you’re considering selling property and need to better understand asset-related risk or you’ve had a major weather event and are concerned with your facilities’ well-being, BLUEFIN has additional services to accommodate and augment your in-house facility management capabilities.


Benchmarking and Analytics

Data analysis and data visualization provide deeper insight to improve decision making. For example, we can evaluate the relative condition and performance of a roof portfolio to predict and manage risks associated with geography, weather, maintenance and repair history, and other factors. We can also show you how your roofs’ conditions compare to others with similar portfolios.


Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

A property condition assessment is used to determine whether a facility’s current conditions may have a significant detrimental impact on its continued operation, lead to depreciated property value, or create an ongoing maintenance issue as a result of materials and/or system defects.

Our ASTM E2018—15 PCA includes:

  • Documentation review and interviews

  • Opinions of costs to remedy deficiencies

  • Visual inspections of building systems and components

  • Property condition report

Moisture Analysis

BLUEFIN provides comprehensive moisture detection/scanning services that are tailored to fit the needs of each specific roof. Non-destructive moisture testing both identifies and quantifies areas of wet insulation within conventional low-slope roof systems, providing a snapshot of the overall condition of a roof system beyond what can be seen visually.

Our non-destructive moisture analysis techniques include:

  • On-the-roof infrared
  • Capacitance testing (Tramex)
  • Vector mapping
  • Aerial infrared





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