Automate Your Energy Savings

Never have you been able to control BOTH sides of your energy bill… until now. Demand Manager by Mantis Innovation Group offers business owners the simplest solution to not only save on current energy costs, but also become a leader in energy efficiency.

Using our state-of-the-art web application, you are able to proactively monitor and control your facility’s usage, or simply allow its intelligent automation run in the background, the choice is yours. 

How Demand Manager Works

After a simple installation of Demand Manager’s smart controller and sensors, we are able to clearly identify energy usage spikes throughout the day. These spikes have a direct correlation to the amount your energy utility charges for delivery.

Demand Manager’s smart automation works to stagger equipment and machinery run times to flatten your overall usage pattern resulting in a 20-50% potential reduction of your demand charges without altering any performance of your facility.

What’s more, Demand Manager can often be implemented with little to no upfront costs.

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Getting Started with Demand Manager

Take back control of your facility's energy spend
Step 1 Sign Up for a Complementary Feasibility Study
Step 2 Onsite Facility Evaluation
Step 3 Installation and Implementation
Step 4 Monitor and Save
Step 1 Sign Up for a Complementary Feasibility Study
By analyzing your energy usage patterns and historical data, we can identify potential savings opportunities.
Step 2 Onsite Facility Evaluation
Our team will examine your facility and design a unique management solution for your exact needs.
Step 3 Installation and Implementation
A full install of the Demand Manager smart controller and sensors is performed on your facilities.
Step 4 Monitor and Save
Monitor and manage your energy usage via an online application as you begin realizing immediate savings on your bill.

Benefits of Demand Manager

Take advantage of a full suite of advantages, including:

Energy Cost Savings

By installing our intelligent demand management system, you can instantly reduce your overall energy costs by 30-60%

Monitor on the Go

With our state-of-the-art mobile application, you can analyze and control your facility's energy usage in real-time from anywhere

Smart Rules and Alerts

With Demand Manager's intelligent technology, you control when devices come online and receive alerts when systems are out of tolerance

No Upfront Costs

All energy audits and installation of your smart controller and sensors are provided at no out-of-pocket cost to you

Get Started Saving Now

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