Plan, Prioritize, and Manage

Our balanced approach to facility asset management addresses both operating spend and capital renewal. This approach provides reliable forecasts of future spending and results in significant savings.

We work closely with in-house facility management teams to provide convenient and responsive services to improve your roofs, pavement, building envelope, and energy performance.

In other words, we help you leverage your facility data so you can do the right work, buy it in the right way, at the right time, for the best value.

In doing so, you’ll experience longer lasting assets and an optimized capital and operating spend that works within your budget.

Make the Shift from Reactive to Proactive

  • Improve facility asset reliability including significant roof leak reduction
  • Generate significant cost savings across building portfolios through planned repair and restoration as well as effective budget planning
  • Maximize the impact of proper procurement management
  • Prevent catastrophic business disruption due to facility downtime
  • Reduce energy costs through conservation, demand management, and renewable energy system oversight
  • Provide a platform to procure energy at the lowest possible cost

Your independent advocate

BLUEFIN maintains non-conflicted relationships with its vetted contractor base and material product suppliers, making the company a truly impartial advocate for its clients.


Facility Asset Management
Facility Energy Solutions
Other Services
Facility Asset Management
Build an understanding of your portfolio through expert assessments. Create a maintenance and repair plan that improves performance while reducing cost. Manage the plan to success with cutting edge technology and best-in-class design and construction management.
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Facility Energy Solutions
Be smart about your energy procurement, leveraging our proprietary Reverse Auction technology to always get the best price possible. Maximize your solar investment with smarter feasibility studies and roof maintenance that mitigates risk. Manage your demand with confidence and transparency.
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Other Services
Prepare for the sale or acquisition of property through our condition assessments and benchmarking. And in the event of severe weather damage, we can help you get back on your feet by exposing unseen damage and developing scopes for repair.
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Your Bottom Line

By viewing an entire portfolio of assets through the lens of predictive analytics, backed by data from billions of square feet of roofs, walls, and pavement, BLUEFIN delivers consistent value to its clients.
Improve Asset Performance
Reduce Costs
Manage to Success

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