All businesses with facility assets require energy. Whether it’s lighting in your parking lot or servers in that backroom you’re afraid to go in (and where your CTO bars entry), you need power.

But how do you buy it? Are you dealing directly with a utility? An energy broker could mean the difference between monthly sticker shock and a buying strategy that keeps costs down.

But why else choose a broker? And how to brokers operate?

More supplier relations

Brokers will typically have more suppliers in their back pocket than the average consumer will be able to source or even know about. You may get marketing materials from a few or know of a couple from managing your last portfolio. But do you really know all the options available?

Save time

Using a broker will eliminate the back-and-forth with multiple suppliers trying to get the best rate themselves. This could be a huge time (and therefore wage) savings when your current supplier’s contract is running out. Offload that time on the phone to an expert and free yourself up to focus on revenue-generating or other cost-saving tasks.

This also eliminates the need for a written RFP. A broker can open their book of vetted, quality suppliers and ensure you’re getting a great contract without all the brain damage.

Get a lower rate

Because of the relationship the broker has with the suppliers, they are usually able to source better rates than your standard ‘off the shelf’ or matrix pricing.

They’re also more familiar with the options available and why certain prices are to be considered ‘good.’ Which leads us to…

Product knowledge

Unless you’ve worked in the energy sector, they’re also likely to have more product knowledge. As the broker learns your business, they can source suppliers that are best matched to your load profile and target the lowest rates possible.

The broker would also know the best time to contract and what current market conditions look like. With this knowledge, the broker can advise on an optimal purchase date to receive the best price.

Additionally, the broker can explain other product structures that fit the need and profile of the company better than a typical fixed rate. Or course, more sophisticated products are usually reserved for medium to large customers but a good broker can help you find out where you are on that scale and target all the options that are available to your business.

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EMEX, LLC is a national leader in energy procurement and reverse auction technology. EMEX transacts annually in hundreds of millions of dollars of electricity and natural gas products for business and government entities, making it one of the largest privately-held energy consulting and risk management firms in North America. EMEX’s reverse auction platform has created a strategic shift in how energy is bought and sold throughout the country and is now considered a best practice for energy procurement.

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Patriot Energy Group is one of the largest and fastest-growing retail electricity and natural gas management firms in the country that operates in all competitive markets throughout the United States. As a client-side energy broker and advisor, Patriot Energy Group works closely with its customers to help manage risks associated with energy costs. Patriot Energy Group has a 17-year proven track record of energy procurement, representing over $500 million in energy spending. Patriot Energy Group offers professionally managed and diverse energy purchasing strategies, which combine unique fixed, index, and hybrid rate structures, as well as a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency and management options.

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