Technical Expertise Resolves Roofing Disputes for Two Global Clients

One of the World’s Largest Oil Field Services Companies

BLUEFIN investigated a facility on the North Slope region of Alaska to resolve our client’s dispute with a general contractor when a roof failed. We designed and budgeted a comprehensive repair solution and negotiated an acceptable agreement for both parties. This resolution met our client’s roof reliability needs while keeping them out of court.

BLUEFIN has travelled to many remote places to improve this client’s facilities, including rural America, Alaska, Sakhalin (a large Russian island in the north Pacific), several cities in Scotland, and Takoradi (in Ghana, Africa).

This company is one of the most safety-conscious in the world and BLUEFIN exceeded their rigorous safety training and vendor accountability requirements.

Global Manufacturer of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Goods

BLUEFIN routinely acts as an advocate for our clients when roof systems fail prematurely. This client hired us to investigate an eight-year-old roof with chronic leaks issues. We evaluated the quality of the original installation, the ballasted solar PV system on the roof, the condition of the roof membrane and other roof system components, the roof system warranty, and other factors that may be contributing to roof performance. The roof was under a 20-year total system warranty with an overburden warranty covering the installation of the PV system. The roofing manufacturer had inspected the roof and initially provided approximately $30,000 for repairs. They did not acknowledged any concern beyond providing warranty repairs based on leak responses. BLUEFIN discovered the following evidence that the manufacturer needed to provide a better solution under its warranty:

  • Visual inspection noted over 350 surface defects located throughout the roof.
  • ASTM-approved testing of samples indicated poor membrane performance in brittleness and elongation tests. These samples were taken from areas without visible defects.
  • The roof membrane on this building had essentially failed and repair is not a viable long-term option to achieve acceptable leak-free performance.

This expert technical input and analysis helped our client resolve this issue with the roofing manufacturer.