DCPS Cardozo Senior High School Roof

BLUEFIN provided specifications and worked with HRGM Corporation
to ensure outstanding installation of this award-winning roof.

Roof Program Revitalizes Washington, DC

The DC Department of General Services (DGS) pioneered a comprehensive roof asset management program on the entire DC Public Schools (DCPS) roof portfolio in late 2010. Due to the program’s success, DGS gradually extended it to include District-owned police and fire facilities, parks and recreation buildings, the jail, the hospital, and city office buildings. After five years of working together, DGS and BLUEFIN have turned DGS roofs from a liability into a sustainable asset.

  • Roofs are stable. Leaks declined over 75% in the first year and continued to decrease due to regular preventive maintenance (PM).
  • Performing preventive and corrective repair has extended roof service life by an average of one year across the building portfolio, allowing DGS to defer roof replacement. The total savings from this roof-life extension is $13 million.
  • DGS used roof rehabilitation in lieu of replacement on dozens of DGS buildings, resulting in capital cost savings of over $2 million annually across the portfolio.
  • DGS will save $36.8 million over the next seven years by proactively  extending roof service life.
  • DGS has converted 25% of its roofs into SmartRoofs. These roofs produce renewable energy, prevent stormwater runoff, solve urban heat island issues, and create hundreds of green jobs for DC residents.