Roof Program Protects the Mission of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is the largest US Department of Energy laboratory, conducting basic and applied research to deliver transformative solutions to compelling problems in energy and security. To protect this mission, ORNL is in the second year of the implementation of a proactive Roof Asset Management Program. This project requires compliance with the most stringent of safety regiments due to the lab’s nuclear-based research and commitment to environmental health.

Based on BLUEFIN’s past performance and benefit gained, ORNL selected us to continue roof asset management services in spring of 2016. The scope included a resurvey of 202 facilities and a new survey of 31 facilities, for a total 233 facilities. BLUEFIN provided assessment, preventative maintenance, minor repair, recommendations for roof restoration and replacement and a Roof Assessment Management Plan (RAMP). The RAMP recommendations and budgets will ensure maximum roof service-life and reliability for all roof systems. BLUEFIN also trained ORNL personnel to maintain roof systems and respond to leaks.

BLUEFIN concluded that performing preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as considering roof restoration in lieu of replacement, will reduce ORNL roofing costs by $2.3 million over the next five years. Other benefits include:

  • High-performance roofs at all ORNL facilities
  • Maximized roof life and reduced roofing expenditures
  • Improved roof reliability to reduce leaks and roof-related emergencies
  • Reduced associated mission impact
  • Better environmental protection through rigorous safety protocol