Improved Roof Performance Gives Pharmaceutical Campus a Competitive Edge

BLUEFIN is working with a global pharmaceutical client on one of their New Jersey campuses. The site includes laboratories, office space, and computing facilities. It has received numerous New Jersey Annual Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards, and facility management plays a critical role in creating this premium research environment. BLUEFIN has been working with the facility management team since 2014 to achieve complete roof reliability at a reduced fiscal burden.

  • There have been no operational disruptions or safety incidents due to roof failures.
  • Leaks are down and roofs are stable. The reduction in leaks achieved by the program is saving at least $65,000/year.
  • We implemented proactive corrective repairs in 2016 to extend reliable roof service life and postpone capital expenditures, deferring $2.2M in capital investment by five years. Assuming a 20-year average roof life, this $2.2 million deferral equates to an annualized savings of $110,000/year and $550,000 overall.
  • The direct savings achieved from bundling corrective maintenance repairs versus repairing them one leak at a time is $200,000.
  • Continuing to implement proactive measures to extend roof service life and preserve the option for restoration will save $1.6 million over the next 10 years.