Deferral of Expensive Roof Replacements Saves Millions for McKinney Independent School District

BLUEFIN is providing roof asset management consulting for the McKinney Independent School District in Texas. We have helped the district extend roof service life for a savings of $2,675,000 in the last two years.

  • The district had four schools scheduled for roof replacements with a budget totaling $3M. BLUEFIN provided analysis and recommendations for repair and restoration options that reduced that expense to $741,940, a savings of $2.25M.
  • One of the high school’s roofs leaked badly every time it rained. The district budgeted $500,000 for extensive repairs and asked BLUEFIN to evaluate the roof. Using infrared scanning (IR), we identified 95 holes with wet insulation under them. We designed a repair specification and put it out to bid, with a final cost of $75,000. After repairs were performed, we scanned again with IR. We found 14 holes that had not been repaired and asked the roofing contractor to return and repair them. Under BLUEFIN’s management, the District was able to solve the leak problem for 15% of the budget, and we estimate the roof will last an additional five years.