Condition Assessment Reduces Financial Risk for a Global Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

A Property Condition Assessment can determine if a facility’s current conditions may:

  • Have a significant detrimental impact on its continued operation
  • Lend to depreciated property value, or
  • Create an ongoing maintenance issue as a result of materials and/or system defects.

BLUEFIN is helping one of the world’s largest REITs with this due-diligence support for property acquisitions. This service includes assessments, estimation, and documentation for Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) using ASTM standards. We perform these assessments across the US with a focus on roofing, pavement, exterior walls, ADA compliance, fire suppression, lighting, and other systems. The PCA also addresses issues such as zoning, flood risk, and seismic activity. We include a budget summary for pending capital requirements. Our efficient process enables rapid mobilization to identify any deficiencies that could affect a transaction. We quickly provide our client with the data they need to make good buying decisions.