BLUEFIN’s Quality Assurance Safeguards the Investment of a Large Oil and Gas Corporation

This client constructed a state-of-the-art campus that will be home to its Upstream, Downstream, and Chemicals companies and associated service groups. The campus consists of 27 buildings totaling 1.5 million square feet of roof area and over 3 million square feet of pavement. The facilities management team took proactive measures from day one to ensure high quality construction. They hired BLUEFIN to provide inspections and infrared analysis of each roof section, inspections of all pavement and parking areas, preventive maintenance checklists, and safety requirements associated with the ongoing inspection and maintenance of these assets. BLUEFIN discovered over 600 defects on newly installed roofs. Our report served as follow up to the final construction inspections and allowed our client to have all defective construction corrected. This quality assurance will ensure long lasting roof performance and protect our client’s investment in this new campus of buildings.