Facility Asset Management

We’re a national roof, building envelope and pavement consultant serving clients with large facility footprints. We help you plan, prioritize, and manage facility maintenance and upgrades so you get the most out of limited resources.

We focus on roofing, exterior walls, pavement, and related energy programs because these areas typically represent the largest investments for facility management organizations.  They also hold the greatest opportunities for improving facility performance.

Benchmarking & Analytics

BLUEFIN has developed roof performance data on over half a billion square feet of roofs on over 30,000 buildings throughout North America. We use this data to support and develop strategies for day-to-day roof management. Data analysis and data visualization provides deeper insight to improve decision making.

Success Stories

Roof Program Revitalizes Washington, D.C.

The DC Department of General Services (DGS) pioneered a comprehensive roof asset management program on the entire DC Public Schools (DCPS) roof portfolio in late 2010. Due to the program’s success, DGS gradually extended it to include District-owned police and fire facilities, parks and recreation buildings, the jail, the hospital, and city office buildings. After five years of working together, DGS and BLUEFIN have turned DGS roofs from a liability into a sustainable asset.


Other Services

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

A property condition assessment is used to determine whether a facility’s current conditions may have a significant detrimental impact on its continued operation, lead to depreciated property value, or create an ongoing maintenance issue as a result of materials and/or system defects.

Our ASTM E2018—15 PCA includes:

  • Documentation review and interviews
  • Opinions of costs to remedy deficiencies
  • Visual inspections of building systems and components
  • Property condition report

Energy and Sustainability

Energy and resource conservation and renewable energy production are an important part of improving facility performance. In addition to stabilizing facilities and preserving them for the long-term, we help clients manage their facility assets as a platform to achieve these goals. We provide the following services as an extension of facility asset management:

Investment-grade energy audits, feasibility assessment, and project management for:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV)
  • Solar thermal
  • Vegetative roofs
  • Reflective roofs
  • Storm water retention
  • Air barrier retrofits
  • Energy rebates