The question we hear most often is: “Why did you name your company BLUEFIN?” Atlantic bluefin tuna are amazing warm-blooded fish. By using their pectoral fins like the wings of a plane, the bluefin generates lift. They can maintain 8 knots for some time, and can break 20 knots for short periods. Similarly, we use innovation and ingenuity to overcome challenges and take facility performance to a higher level for our clients.

BLUEFIN is an industry leader, both in innovation and in our capacity to manage large, complex programs. Founded in 2005, we launched our patented Roof Express® software, the first GPS-driven roof assessment system built on a mobile device. Since that time, we’ve assessed more than 30,000 buildings across North America with over half a billion square feet of roof area. Our robust database of roof and building information provides valuable data analytics. For example, we can evaluate the relative condition and performance of a roof portfolio, and predict and manage risks for our clients.

Over the past twelve years, BLUEFIN has focused on roofing, building envelope, pavement, and related energy programs, believing that these areas hold the greatest opportunity for facility management organizations. We deliver an innovative portfolio approach to asset management that significantly reduces costs for clients while improving facility performance.