Our clients work in educational, commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing, municipal government, and US Department of Defense organizations that occupy and manage a large number of facilities in either a single location or multiple locations. Our clients’ portfolios range from high-security critical operations to relatively simple big-box stores.

  • Our typical customer has over 10 million square feet of roof assets and several customers own well over 100 million square feet.
  • These organizations consider their facilities to be mission critical, long-term assets that should be managed like any other financial asset.
  • They understand the importance of having current and thorough knowledge of their roof, building envelope, and pavement systems so they can manage risks, have an accurate and complete budget for future expenditures, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

We serve clients all over North America. Our company has a national footprint, with its headquarters based in Denver, Colorado, and a production office in Crofton, Maryland. We also have strategic satellite offices staffed with full-time BLUEFIN employees dispersed throughout the country.