BLUEFIN | Strategic Roof Consulting

BLUEFIN has managed over 15,000 roofs for clients in the retail, financial services, education, manufacturing, military and government sectors.  In every sector, we’ve found that the majority of money spent on roofs today goes towards chasing leaks and replacing roofs – often prematurely. This reactive mode is the most expensive and disruptive way to manage your roofs.

We designed our business to reverse this trend.  Our program has achieved the following results for our clients:

• 75% reduction in leaks and roof related emergencies

• An actionable program that eliminates surprises

• 25% and 50% reduction in roof expenditures

• Potential 5-10% energy conservation per building

Most roof experts are called in when there is a problem. At BLUEFIN, we strategically prevent problems before they happen. How is BLUEFIN different from other roofing consultants?

• For starters, we named our company after a fish…

• We focus on roof-life extension instead of costly roof replacements

• We deploy this pro-active strategy across large building portfolios

• We dedicate ourselves to preventive maintenance and roof asset management programs

• We focus on conservation, keeping roofs out of landfills and using them to create renewable energy

• We use a patented assessment and information management tool called Roof Express®

• Our 6-Steps to Success process ensures that we deliver measurable results

Case Studies: 

The following projects demonstrate our clients’ success

Washington D.C. Public Schools: District-Wide Roof Management

Air Force Air Combat Command: Asset Management Program

Washington D.C. Department of General Services: Smart Roof   Program

Orchard School: Roof Restoration Saves a Photovoltaic Program

BI-LO Grocery Stores: Retrofitting Air Barriers Earns Energy Rebates to Help Pay for Program

Air Force Special Operations Command: Integrating Roof Asset Management and Energy Management at   Hurlburt Field