We’re a National Roof and Pavement Consultant Serving Clients with Large Facility Footprints

BLUEFIN helps clients with large building portfolios improve the performance of roofs, exterior walls, and pavement on existing facilities. We focus on these areas because they’re typically the largest investments for our clients. They also hold the greatest opportunities to improve facility performance.

As a strategic roof consultant, BLUEFIN helps clients manage their roofs in the most effective way to prevent emergencies, maximize service life, reduce capital and operating costs, and save energy. Our balanced approach includes regular roof inspection, roof maintenance, and roof asset management. We can also act as an owner’s representative providing third-party roof design and quality assurance for repair, rehabilitation, and replacement projects.

Failures of exterior walls can cause safety and health problems, as well as severe structural damage. Proper inspection is the first step toward the stabilization and rehabilitation of the building. Combining exterior wall management with roof management is an efficient approach to preserving your entire building envelope. We can provide inspections and recommend the right mix of maintenance, repair and renewal projects.

A pavement management program ensures a safe, attractive environment for the people entering and leaving your facilities. As with all the high value assets we protect, our pavement consulting focuses on inspection, preventative maintenance and repair solutions to keep these areas operating effectively. Proactive pavement care will extend the life of your paved areas, prevent accidents, and eliminate the potential for ADA and storm water compliance fines.

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“On behalf of Nellis AFB, 99 CES and our roof repair shop, we wish to thank you and your BLUEFIN team for volunteering to share the work load to repair the roofs on our base facilities. You made it possible to bolster our roof shop’s work force and repair these roofs sooner rather than later. Manpower and funding these projects was a serious issue and it would have delayed repair of these roofs, had it not been for your help. Your actions saved ACC and Nellis AFB tens of thousands of dollars that can now be used for other urgently needed AF projects.”

Brent Morris GS-12, USAF December 19, 2016